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Squirrels may infiltrate your home. Gray, Red, and Flying Squirrels are frequent visitors to our area's houses. They may significantly damage cables, rafters, and studs, as well as external finishing materials like as shingles, metal soffit and fascia, and siding.

Here’s What We Do

We have over two decades of expertise resolving squirrel incursions in over 500 residential properties. We have an understanding of how the animal works and what is required to remedy the situation. We have all of the required tools and skills to obtain a solution as fast as feasible.


Gray and Red Squirrels are immediately identifiable by their very fluffy tails and their fur color. Because flying squirrels are nocturnal, their eyes are bigger, and they lack fluffy tails. They are frequently mistaken for baby gray squirrels.

Squirrel Control

We live trap, relocate, and seal holes caused or utilized by Red and Gray Squirrels. For Flying Squirrels, we employ an Exclusion technique and a one-way exit that allows the squirrels to escape but prevents them from returning.

Follow up

When trapping, we need to check in around once a week to ensure that nothing is trapped during that time period. We need to replenish bait, reposition traps, and inspect any temporary seals we constructed. Exclusion work is often self-contained, unless Squirrels chew additional holes, which is always a possibility.


The most effective technique of prevention is to keep all trees and bushes cut back at least ten feet from the house's rooflines. Maintaining the outside of the property is also critical.


Due to the gnawing nature of squirrels, we are unable to guarantee squirrel work for any amount of time.

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