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"Spiders are found in kings' palaces" They are practically everywhere. Fortunately, deadly snakes are uncommon in our region. We have not seen a single Brown Recluse spider in our region since 1989, and Black widows cannot thrive in the cold. However, the remaining 300 or so species are rather vexing and disturbing.

Here’s what we do

The majority of Spider problems may be resolved in a similar manner. The most critical element is to treat the spiders where they exist. The insecticide used comes in second place, as spiders are notoriously difficult to kill and manage.


There are three fairly frequent spider species that we find in our area's houses and businesses: cellar spiders, Daddy Long-legs, and orb-weaver spiders. While many additional species are visible, they may be handled using the same tactics as the major three.

Spider Control

We treat any areas where spiders are present or are likely to congregate; these areas include ceiling corners, basements, crawl spaces, and dark or disused rooms. We employ a pesticide that has been shown over many years to be exceptionally effective in swiftly eliminating spiders and keeping them gone.

Follow up

We like to treat at least every other month to keep spider populations under control. Typically, we only need to treat from late spring to early fall and then discontinue therapy for the winter months.


The most effective method of prevention is to establish a routine treatment regimen that includes spiders. From late spring to early autumn, this often entails treating certain portions of your building every other month.


We can guarantee that if you are on a regular treatment program that includes spiders, we will keep them under control. If spiders begin to infest or re-infest your property, we will retreat at no additional cost.

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