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Norway rat, house mouse, deer mouse, meadow vole Each of these individuals is repulsive, and each of them is capable of invading your house, farm, or company. Every six weeks, a female mouse or rat can produce 4-8 kids. If those infants are not regulated, they will have more kids. According to the CDC, mice and rats are also known to transmit over 35 illnesses to people. If you are aware of or think that you have an issue, we can help you resolve it.

Here’s What we Do:

Each year, we provide mice and rat control services to over 1000 homes, farms, and businesses. We have a slew of weaponry at our disposal to combat mice and rats. Whatever the peculiarity of your rodent problem, we have the skills, equipment, and experience necessary to resolve it.


Obviously, if you notice a mouse scurrying about in your kitchen, basement, attic, or anyplace else in your house, you should contact us immediately so we can begin resolving the issue.

If you hear odd noises coming from the lower areas of your walls or from the basement to the main level, they are almost certainly coming from mice. Mice will also deposit droppings in corners, behind sinks, behind refrigerators, and in attics and garages, among other places. They can even store stacks of nuts and seeds in unexpected places.

Typically, we can positively identify mice and the control measure required based on the description you provide over the phone. If you are unsure about the type of pest or if your structure is unusual, we may need to do an onsite examination to determine the type of pest and the most effective method of management.

Rodent Control and Sealing

To begin, and maybe most significantly, we plug the holes they are already utilizing and any other ones they may utilize. We utilize materials that are unappealing to rodents. Typically, the holes are located around the house's foundation/ground level. It's uncommon, but with some building designs, we cannot guarantee that the house will be entirely sealed.

Second, we exterminate the existing population. We do this swiftly by utilizing a variety of baits and traps.


We typically need to monitor progress monthly for a short period of time to ensure we are achieving the level of control you anticipate. We monitor activity levels in all active locations within, as well as seek for new areas of activity, and make required adjustments to our processes. Additionally, we search the exterior for additional holes that mice may have created.


Once the present population has been eliminated, we may begin a maintenance program to ensure that mice do not re-infest your house, farm, or company.


Regrettably, because mice and rats are such voracious chewers, we cannot guarantee that they will not chew new holes and get access again. However, we are convinced that we can achieve the level of control you desire. If you believe you should be gaining more control for whatever reason, we will work with you to ensure that occurs.

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