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Roaches are one of the most prevalent pests that infest multi-family homes. They enjoy congregating in the spaces between units' walls, particularly where water and gas lines pass. Additionally, you may find them under tiny appliances on counter tops and in little crevices around cabinets.

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We've been at war with cockroaches since 1989. We have maintained current on the newest information regarding their behavior and biology, the most efficient treatment procedures, and the most effective use of insecticides.

Cockroach Services

We shall employ a number of therapy procedures in order to eliminate them in two or three distinct ways. We spray a dust or aerosol to the voids in the walls where they spend the majority of their time. In those microscopic crevices around cupboards and appliances, we utilize a gel bait. Occasionally, we will apply a contact spray insecticide in areas with high levels of activity. Due to the fact that roaches are virtually always present in kitchens, we take the utmost care to safeguard your food and food preparation surfaces.

Follow up

Cockroach treatment is often performed in stages to achieve complete population elimination. These pests can develop resistance to certain pesticides and the baits can begin to repel them, so we need to vary our approach slightly over the course of several months of treatment to ensure we eradicate them completely.


There are a few critical steps you may take to avoid cockroach infestation. Inspect all food goods at the shop before purchasing them, avoid purchasing second-hand furnishings or equipment, and keep the kitchen as clean as possible. All of the small crumbs and grease spatters are a favorite food source for roaches.


Cockroaches, like bed bugs, can enter a home at any moment. As a result, while we do not offer a formal warranty for cockroach services, we will assist with you to resolve your present issue as quickly as possible.

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