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We saw just Norway rats in our service region. They are primarily associated with remote places, as well as older or less visited portions of major towns and cities- sewers, forested areas, and so on. They may contaminate animal feed, eat through building wiring and framework, and tunnel through huge areas of lawn adjacent to buildings.

Here’s What we Do

We enjoy eradicating rats. They cause homeowners and farmers considerable anguish and distress. Control involves a specialized technique and, at times, instruments and insecticides not often used with mice.

Rat Control Services

Rats are either caught in giant mouse traps or killed by eating a bait. We set traps and bait stations in areas where rats congregate. Additionally, we seal any access sites that are sealable. Occasionally, very ancient structures are unusable, although this is quite unusual. On farms, we install bait stations around the perimeters of buildings that are infested with rats. Bait stations are the finest on the market for keeping non-target animals – birds, dogs, and so on – away from the bait.

Follow up

If we're catching the rats, we want to check weekly to remove any deceased rats as quickly as possible; only until we've captured them all. Following that, monthly or bimonthly servicing is suggested to prevent rat re-infestation. Baiting programs require service on a weekly or bimonthly basis to inspect and replace bait stations.


The most effective way to avoid rats is to clear out all clutter and bushes near the structure. They like the dark passages beneath those objects for migration between breeding and eating areas.


We guarantee that if you adhere to the prescribed follow-up program, your rat problem will be resolved and will remain resolved. Any delay in the program will almost certainly result in rats reinfesting your property.

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