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Unlike the adorable white ones at the pet store, these tiny fellows come in a variety of hues. Gray or brown with a white belly are the most prevalent. The house mouse is often gray, but the field mouse is more brown and white in color. Their bodies, excluding their lengthy fuzzy tails, are typically 2-3 inches long. These critters may cause sleepless evenings as they scamper through the holes in your ceiling and walls. Their stealth and stealing abilities are practically unmatched. They can vanish into the slightest crack and resurface in places you'd never believe conceivable, and they frequently create their own holes to get access to areas of interest. Numerous pantry and kitchen cabinets have been raided by these crafty crooks, who invariably leave behind excrement (about the size of a sesame seed) and chewed grain, candy, and cereal packets.

If you see one mouse, how many do you have?

Be careful if you see even one mouse. They are always on the lookout for fresh "marks" and professionals in casing security systems (predators) in order to identify their weak areas.


When you contact us, our customer service personnel are adept at evaluating the scope of the problem over the phone and can frequently provide you with an estimate of the cost of preventing or resolving the issue. Additionally, we may send one of our "Chief Inspectors" (a.k.a. techs) to your home to ascertain for certain if these men have infiltrated your home and what steps may be necessary.

Better Methods

Nobody believes that installing a security system in a home and then leaving the doors wide open 24 hours a day, seven days a week is a smart idea. Sadly, this is the industry norm for mouse services. Our method, I'm pleased to report, is entirely different, and while the initial cost may be slightly greater, there is no requirement for a long-term contract, which may easily double (or even treble) the cost over time.

Our objective is to make your house impregnable, which is a possibility for the majority of homes built today. We will evaluate the ENTIRE outside of your property and seal any access spots discovered using rodent-proof materials. Additionally, we will make any necessary home repair recommendations. Once that is complete, we will begin deploying tactics that are harmful solely to mice within your house in order to destroy any that may be hiding.

Follow Ups

As mice are adept at penetrating the outside of a property and identifying weak places in the materials used to construct it, we strongly recommend a minimum of three to four follow-up services to ensure no new avenues of entry are developed and the population has been removed. After establishing a pattern of inactivity, we will minimize the frequency of follow-up services and subsequently give you a yearly maintenance check. At this point, subsequent treatments are performed solely upon request, and we provide a range of frequency options to keep costs low while still providing the high-quality service you deserve.


The concepts "solution" and "prevention" are key to our whole mouse control system. It is preferable to prevent them from entering the home in the first place than to deal with them after the fact.

However, there are a few things you can do as a homeowner to help avoid the problem from occurring in the first place. Maintaining your home is critical. As external materials deteriorate due to time and weather, mice have more ways to enter. Additionally, trees that are adjacent to or touch the home or roof might provide routes for these wonderful acrobats. Therefore, keep them away from your property and cut any shrubs, trees, or bushes that have grown large enough for mice to leap onto the roof.


Due of these organisms' amazing chewing, climbing, and acrobatic abilities, it is almost impossible to ensure that mice will never return to your house. We cannot, however, guarantee that your house will be mouse-free if you follow the recommended services.

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