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The Common House Fly or Cluster Flies are found in the majority of households. The Common House fly is often a minor to moderate irritant throughout the year. Cluster Flies will swarm into your home between early and mid-fall, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of a Stephen King suspense novel or film.

Here’s What We Do

We employ a variety of insecticides and treatment cycles to ensure that we remain one step ahead of the flies' capacity to adapt to our operations. Your specific situation may just require a single autumn treatment for Cluster Flies or an ongoing maintenance service for House Flies.


Depending on the type of fly, we have treatment options that will successfully control it. House Flies are famously difficult to manage due to their short life cycle, which rapidly develops resistance to insecticides, but we know what works best. Cluster Flies are often much easier to handle.

Follow UP

Depending on the Fly Species, we may need to repeat the treatment monthly during the warm season and until late fall, when they are most active. Other species, on the other hand, will only require a single treatment.


We provide treatment solutions that may be utilized to keep Fly populations under check before they become a problem.


If you follow through on all advised treatments, we guarantee that you will be delighted with the outcomes. If you are dissatisfied with your treatment, we will re-treat you at no additional expense.

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