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These little rodents are mostly always introduced into the house by pets, but mice and other rodents can also bring them in. They may be found in carpet, upholstery, hard flooring seams, and even concrete floors. Occasionally, a flea infestation might be misinterpreted as a bed bug or mosquito infestation.

Here’s What We Do

Typically, the entire area of the floor and furniture surfaces must be treated in order to achieve rapid results.


If your veterinarian has diagnosed your pet with fleas, we can generally trust that diagnosis. Generally, we can identify the presence of fleas fairly fast. Once we have established this for certain, we can design a treatment regimen that will resolve the issue as rapidly as feasible.


Effective control does need some effort on the part of the consumer. It is critical to treat dogs for fleas. Additionally, ensuring that we have access to as much floor and uphostery surface space as feasible would help solve the problem. After that, we may come in and treat appropriately. Generally, one treatment will resolve the issue if the prescribed post-treatment procedure is followed.

Follow Up

Occasionally, in more severe infestations, a single follow-up visit is required after a month.


The greatest preventative is to keep your house rodent-free and to treat your pets for fleas on a regular basis.


At the moment, we do not provide a warranty against fleas, but if new products and treatment techniques become available in the near future, this may become an option.

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