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Boxelder bugs

They may readily be identified by their elongated red and black oval bodies that reach over half an inch in length. Instar nymphs may seem totally crimson until they grow further. While the amount seen at any given moment might be alarming, there is virtually little danger to you or your property.
Often, you'll discover them in your landscaping and along your foundation. As the sun rises higher and the day begins to warm, they'll climb the siding to keep warm. This phenomena occurs primarily in the fall and occasionally in the spring, as cold nights give way to bright sunny days. This can be rather inconvenient, as the problem may be so severe that you are unable to open your door.

What We Do

We may treat in such a way that a protective barrier is formed around your property and critical entrance points. This will significantly decrease their activity, stopping them from ever entering your house and becoming an even bigger nuisance by bothering you while you are inside.


Outside treatments can be applied as required during the warmer months, but most typically, one treatment in late Summer or early Fall resolves the issue until the next year. If they are inside your house, we can treat crucial places where they are accessing the living quarters through hidden wall voids. This will provide some respite, but the issue must be handled when they swarm the sides of your property.

Follow Up

Due to the fact that we treat the exterior during critical periods, no follow-up services should be required.


Keeping landscaping plants pruned to allow the landscape bedding to remain dry will help limit the numbers you see, but most of the time these guys are lurking in the bark of a Maple or Box Elder tree near your home, appearing only when they need to warm up.


If we treat you, you should see a significant drop of over 95%; if not, we will return at no additional cost and retreat as necessary to ensure that the problem is gone.

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