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Around 15-20 years ago, bed bug infections were virtually unheard of. The industry has done an excellent job of eliminating them from the majority of the country. Around 2005, as foreign travel increased, we began to see an increase in bedbug infestations in major cities on the east and west coasts. They have now firmly established a foothold in our area.

Here’s What We Do

We have made significant progress in identifying the most effective treatment approaches and preventative strategies in a relatively short period of time. Successful treatment does involve some effort on the customer's side, but we can clearly explain what is required.

Bed Bug Treatment

All of our bed bug treatment solutions operate well when the consumer completes all essential preparations. We can assist in walking you through the checklist of tasks that must be completed prior to treatment. Once the list is complete, we have a variety of treatment options depending on the scenario. Vacuuming, mattress encasement, dusting, steam treatment, trapping, and chemical treatments are all available. At the moment, we do not provide heat treatment.

Follow up

Due to bed bugs' secrecy and concealed nature, it may take some time to completely eliminate them. We monitor activity levels periodically and recede as required to maintain the greatest possible management.


You can prevent bedbugs from invading your house by changing your everyday routine. The most effective strategy to avoid bedbugs is to avoid purchasing anything used from a private party. This is the most likely scenario for attracting bed bugs into your house. Additionally, tiny details such as preventing jackets, caps, purses, and backpacks from coming into touch with other comparable personal goods in public settings.


Unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee bed bug treatments due to the numerous methods in which they might re-infest a building practically soon following complete treatment. Once we have determined that we have eliminated the infestation, we do our best to educate you on how to prevent them from re-infesting.

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