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Wisconsin is home to over 2 million bats. They are usually found in caverns around the state. However, people occasionally elect to relocate and live in houses. Along with their frightening appearance, bats are known to transmit a variety of unusual illnesses. Additionally, their feces may include pathogenic microorganisms. It is critical to resolve any bat infestation issue as promptly as possible.

Here’s what we do:

We have over 30 years of expertise removing these vexing insects from over 4000 residences, churches, and business structures. You may be confident that we have the knowledge and experience necessary to resolve your bat issue.

Bat ID/Inspection

Have you spotted a bat or several bats inside your home? There is no reason for us to come and investigate. You most likely have an infestation and should address the issue immediately. Due to our significant knowledge, we nearly always have the ability to provide you with a pricing quotation over the phone.

Do your walls or ceilings make unusual shuffling, shrieking, and/or scratching noises? If you can submit us a video with sound, we can nearly always determine whether the noise is caused by bats.

Occasionally, we may need to do an on-site examination to establish if you have bats in your home. Additionally, we may need to examine for pricing if your building has specific types of structure or is really large. We want to ensure that we do it properly the first time so that there are no surprises.

Bat Exclusion

The procedure is straightforward, but not simple. To begin, we locate the holes via which Bats enter the structure and install a custom-made One-Way Exit, dubbed an Exclusion Device. This allows the bats to exit the aperture at night when they become active and prevents them from returning.

Second, we travel around the entire home from top to bottom, looking for and sealing any additional entry points for bats. We have never observed bats entering less than 4 feet from the ground, and usually always over 6 feet.


When the two-year warranty on your Bat Exclusion ends, we return once a year for an extra fee to check and seal new gaps to prevent bats from coming back in. This allows us to extend your warranty for as many years as you choose.


All of our Bat Exclusions come with a two-year guarantee, with some extremely rare exclusions. If we don't get it right the first time, we return as many times as necessary to resolve the issue without charge. Storm-related damage, new construction, and wildlife-related damage are not covered and may incur an extra fee.

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