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These little bugs were not a significant concern until around 2000. Once they established themselves in our neighborhood, they were the stuff of nightmares. We've been treating them since they first established a foothold in our region and have been quite successful in containing numbers inside houses and businesses.


They are rather straightforward to recognize. They are tiny, orange insects with black dots on their backs (aka wing covers).


Control is rather simple for these men. It entails treating cracks, holes, and gaps on the inside of the home's outer walls where water can enter the living quarters. Additionally, we treat the exterior of the property, ensuring that the Beetles die within minutes of coming into touch with the pesticide. Preventing them from invading the home's living areas.

Follow Up

Generally, follow-up treatments are unnecessary. For a complete year, a single service will resolve the issue. In the fall, when they rush to the home, we exterminate them.


By treating the outside of your house or business once a year in September, you may prevent Asian Beetles from infiltrating the interior for an entire year.


We guarantee that if we treat your house or company before to their fall swarm, you will have no problems with live Asian Beetles inside your home for one year. We have no way of preventing them from flocking to your property or settling on its exterior.

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